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Desktop articles
How to subscribe to a planChoosing a subscription plan
What’s on the dashboard?A look at the Rounded dashboard
Where do I manage my account?An overview of account settings
How to change/reset your Rounded passwordChanging Rounded password
Updating credit card informationHow to update your credit card information
How can I upgrade my subscription/plan?How to change your Rounded subscription plan
Update subscription plans from yearly to monthly planChange to a monthly plan from an annual plan
Changing Rounded account emailHow to change your Rounded account email/username
Activating Dark ModeHow to activate and switch between different UI modes/colour schemes
Adding Quarterly PAYG contributionHow to add quarterly PAYG contributions
Changing payment termsHow to change payment terms
Add/change your payment detailsHow to add or change your payment details
Billing history and receipts for Rounded subscription paymentsWhere to find billing history and receipts for Rounded subscription payments
Setting up the email signatureHow to set up an email signature
Smart NotificationsChoosing the email notification messages sent to you by Rounded
Setting up Income or Profit Goals on the DashboardHow to Set up Income or Profit Goals on the Dashboard
How to cancel your Rounded subscriptionCanceling your Rounded subscription
How to permanently delete a Rounded account and all associated dataPermanently Deleting a Rounded account
Getting Started GuideEverything you need to get that first invoice out!
Transferring data from WaveThe quickest way to bring all your Wave data across to Rounded