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Smart Notifications

Choosing the email notification messages sent to you by Rounded

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Rounded can send a variety of "smart" notification email messages and alerts, which can be switched on or off as required.

Notification emails are sent to the email address used to log in to your Rounded account.

1) To access smart notifications, go to Settings > Notifications

2) Toggle each notification on or off as required.

The purpose of each notification is as follows:

  • Receive Notifications - Choose whether or not to receive any notifications.

  • Invoice overdue - Be notified when any invoice becomes overdue.

NOTE: The Invoice overdue notification will only be sent to you.

       For information about how to send manual reminders to clients, click HERE.

       For information automated how to send an automated reminder to a client, click

  • Invoice paid - Be notified when an invoice has been paid via Stripe or PayPal.

NOTE: The Invoice paid notification works for credit card payments ONLY.

  • Pending invoice payment - Be notified when a PayPal payment is in a pending state

  • Invoice or quote opened - Be notified when an invoice or quote has been viewed by a client.

  • BAS due & overdue - Be notified when BAS is due and overdue (GST registered users only).

  • Quote accepted - Be notified when a client accepts a quote.

  • Weekly business summary - A digest email detailing the week's activity.

  • Timer still running - Be notified if you forget to switch off the timer.

  • Your accountant signs into your account - Set permissions for your accountant or bookkeeper to log into your account.

NOTE: More settings are available in the Accountant access section. Click HERE for more specific help articles on sharing data with your accountant or bookkeeper.

3) Click Save to confirm any changes made.

Remember to download the Rounded mobile app!

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