It displays the following information:

Income and expenses

The income and expenses data are displayed in a chart. It displays income or expense data (or both) for the current or previous financial year.

An example of the chart showing both the income and expense data for this financial year versus the past 12 months

Incoming money

This table shows incoming money. This is the data on all invoices yet to be marked as paid grouped by:

  • All outstanding invoices

  • Overdue invoices

  • Draft invoices

  • Unbilled time

  • Total incoming

The financial year

This table shows income, expenses, taxable income, and tax payable. Choose between data for this financial year or last financial year. The tax payable amount is an estimate based on ATO’s individual tax rates.

Your goals

Set monthly and annual goals here based on gross income

Top earners (new!)

The top earners' chart focuses on the most productive areas of your business. “Clients” shows your most valuable clients and “Category” shows the income category which generates the most income.


This section shows a list of the most recent invoices and their status. Clicking on the invoice will route you to the invoice itself. Clicking on the New link will create a new draft invoice.

Top expenses

This section details and compares your main business expenses.

Bank accounts and forecast

If you have connected a bank account to Rounded, the module below will also display on the dashboard.

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