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Adding Quarterly PAYG contribution
Adding Quarterly PAYG contribution

How to add quarterly PAYG contributions

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Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) instalments are regular prepayments of the tax on your business income. Instalments are usually paid quarterly.

Click this LINK to learn more about PAYG instalments.

The This financial year section of the dashboard shows your tax estimate information based on your income and expense data.

PAYG payments can be entered into Rounded and included in the tax payable estimate.

To add a quarterly PAYG contribution

  1. Navigate to the Activity statements section by clicking on Reports, then Activity statements.

  2. Click the row where you want to add PAYG to

  3. Enter the PAYG amount in the PAYG contribution for the quarter field

  4. Click Save

Remember to download the Rounded mobile app!

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