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Changing payment terms

How to change payment terms

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The payment terms setting determines the invoice's due date based on the date it is created.

There are three ways to change payment terms on the app:

  • In the settings section

  • In the Client's card

  • As part of the process of sending an invoice

Change payment terms in Settings

1) Click Settings > Payments

2) Select the desired payment term

There are three payment term options

  • No due date

  • Due on receipt

  • Due after + no. of days

3) Click  Save

The change will now be reflected in all future invoices.

Edit the payment terms via the client record card

1) Click Clients

2) Click the card to be updated

3. Click the arrow under Payment terms and select the option for this client

4. Click Save

Edit payment terms as part of the process of sending an invoice

1) In the client section of the invoice, click the Due date field

2) Select the payment term as needed for the invoice

There are options to choose the number of days but also options to choose

  • No due date

  • Upon receipt

  • Select a date

When a predefined time period or date is selected, the edit mode will display the number of days

But the client will see the date it's due


  • Any changes to the payment term inside an invoice affect that invoice ONLY. Payment terms for all other invoices will continue to be as defined in the main settings section.

  • Given most email templates use the "Due date" merge tag, if "No due date" or "Upon receipt" is chosen as the Due date, then the "Due date" merge tag will be removed from the email template.

  • If "No due date" or "Upon receipt" is chosen as the Due date, the auto reminder is disabled.

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