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How to permanently delete a Rounded account and all associated data
How to permanently delete a Rounded account and all associated data

Permanently Deleting a Rounded account

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You can permanently delete your Rounded account and all its data at any time.

It's important to note:

  • Once a Rounded account and its associated data have been permanently deleted, there is no way to retrieve the account or data within it.

  • Any required data must be exported before the account deletion process is complete.

  • No refunds will be provided for any unused portion of a subscription after account deletion.

  • For any questions about deleting a Rounded account, please get in touch with the Rounded support team via live chat.

How to delete your Rounded account

  1. Click Settings

  2. Click Account and security

  3. Scroll down, and on the Delete your account section, click Delete my Rounded account in 24 hours.

  4. We'd love to hear your feedback. Choose or write the reason why you want to delete your account.

  5. Enter your password

  6. Click Obliterate my account in 24h


    If you want to keep the account, you can abort the deletion request within 24 hours by clicking Actually, I'll stay.

NOTE: If your subscription has expired and you cannot access the settings, please contact support via live chat, who will be able to assist with the permanent deletion of your Rounded account.

Remember to download the Rounded mobile app!

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