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Transferring data from Wave
Transferring data from Wave

The quickest way to bring all your Wave data across to Rounded

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Welcome to Rounded - The only Australian-made, cloud accounting software designed specifically for freelancers and sole traders.

Rounded is a cash accounting system only and enables you to:

  • connect your bank accounts and credit cards (Australia and New Zealand users only)

  • manage quotes and invoices

  • track time, income, and expenses

  • offer online payments (via Stripe)

  • streamline BAS and tax (including sharing data with an accountant)

  • transfer data from other accounting systems

There are some features which Rounded does not have:

  1. Payroll

  2. Balance sheet

Follow the simple steps below to bring your Wave data across to Rounded. 

  1. Export your data from Wave to CSV files

  2. Sign up for a free Rounded trial*.

  3. Check out the following articles to guide you in importing your data over to Rounded

Or you can say hello via in-app chat and the Rounded team will have a look at your data, reformat it as required, and then upload everything into your trial account.

We can import your client info, income, and expense data. Transferring your data can usually be done in 1-2 working days, depending on how busy we are. Rounded provides this service free of charge.

Other things you need to know:

Can I link imported records to their respective transactions on bank feeds?

No. We recommend importing historical records to Rounded and then reconciling current records via bank feeds.

Can I track refunds?

Rounded doesn’t have a feature to handle refunds (income/expense refunds) yet but there are workarounds for it. Click the chat button to learn what we recommend.

Can I categorise bank transfers/owner drawings/loan repayments?

Yes, you can mark bank feed transactions as account transfers, owner drawings, tax payments, or non-business transactions. Doing this removes those transactions from the main bank feed. To learn more, click this LINK.

*If you are a member of The Freelance Jungle, Rachel's List, The Freelance Collective, Creative + Business, The Institute of Professional Editors, The Melbourne Lettering Club, or Freeline contact your community managers for information about any special offers that exist.

Remember to download the Rounded mobile app!

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