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How do I track time against a project?
How do I track time against a project?

How to track time against a client project

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How do I track time against a project?

Keep track of time spent on a particular project using one of the methods from the Time Tracking page:

a. Tracking time using the timer

b. Adding time manually

c. Duplicating existing time entry

We recommend setting up a project (for a client) to track time against before using the Time Tracking feature.

See Where do I create a new project for more details.

To track time using the timer

1) From the menu on the left, click Timer > Time Tracking

2) To track time for a project automatically,

     a. Type in a note in the What are you working on field.

     b. Click Select project to select the project to track the time against.

  • By default, the time is treated as billable. If time entries will not be billed, click Billable to change time to Non billable.

  • Depending on what client/project is selected, the rate/hour is updated.

     c. Click 

     The timer is activated and displayed next to the timer button. 

3) To stop the timer, click 

The time tracking stops, and the tracked time is displayed under the current date underneath the dashboard.

NOTE: Restart a tracked time by hovering over the time entry to be restarted, then click the Play button

Adding time manually

See Adding time manually for more information.

To duplicate an existing time entry

1) Hover over the time entry to be duplicated, and from the right, click the dropdown arrow.

2) Click Duplicate

The Add time entry panel slides out from the right.

3) Complete the details and click Save. A duplicate time entry is created and grouped
    under the same description/project. 

Remember to download the Rounded mobile app!

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