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Invoicing a project

How to invoice a project

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Invoicing a project is quick and easy.

Invoicing projects

1) Click Timer, then Time Tracking

2) Hover the mouse pointer to one of the items, which is part of the project, to be invoiced

3) Click on the dropdown arrow, then Invoice project

An invoice will be created with all remaining unbilled, billable time added to the draft invoice

4) Toggle the switch to include these items 

NOTE: To choose how time entries are displayed as line items, click HERE to learn more.

5) Edit other information as required, then tap Ready to send

6) Edit the email address, subject and message as required, then click Send invoice

Time entries tracked for tracking purposes and will not be invoiced can be set as Non billable.

Non-billable time entries will not appear on an invoice.

Mark a project as complete to change the status of any unbilled time entries to non-billable, i.e. the time entries will not be made available to be added to an invoice. To learn more about how to mark a project as complete, tap HERE.

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