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Mark a project as complete [Mobile]

How to mark a project as complete on the mobile app

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To remove a project from the active projects list you can mark it as complete. If a project and any associated data is no longer needed it can be deleted.

Marking a project complete changes the project status from Active to Complete. It will also mark any unbilled time entries as non-billable, preventing them from being made available on future invoices for that client.

To mark a project as complete

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap More

3) Tap Manage projects

4) Swipe left the project to be marked as complete

5) Tap Completed

Deleting old and completed projects can also help organise projects. Deleting a project will also delete all time entries associated with that project unless time entries have already been invoiced.

If a project has been invoiced prior to deleting it, the time entries will remain on the invoice as line items but will be deleted from the time tracking section.

To delete a project

In the Projects section

1) Swipe left the project to be deleted

2) Tap Delete

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