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Invoicing a project [Mobile]

How to invoice a project on the mobile app

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On desktop? Click HERE for the desktop help article.

Invoicing a project

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap Timer

3) Swipe left one of the time entries, which is part of the project, to be

4) Tap More

5) Tap Invoice project

6) Tap Included time entries

7) Tick all the time entries to be included in the invoice then tap Done

8) Edit other information if required then tap Ready to send

9) Tap the email field to populate the client email name or edit it if required

10) Edit the subject and message as required and tap Send Now.
     The invoice is sent to the client via email. If the BCC me option is ticked, you will
     get a copy of this invoice via email. The option "BCC myself" will not be available
     as an option if Gmail account is set up to send quotes and invoices. But a copy of
     the email will appear in the "Sent" folder of your Gmail account.

To learn more about how to mark a project as complete, tap HERE.

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