There are two ways to create an invoice on the mobile app. Tap on the blue plus sign on the Dashboard or in the main Invoice section. Or send a draft invoice from the Invoice tab.

Create and send an invoice:

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap the blue plus sign

3) Tap Send an invoice

4) Tap the client name to be invoiced.

    For more information about manually creating a new client, tap HERE.

5) Tap the down arrow to edit information (payment terms, invoice number, PO number) if needed


  • Changing payment terms on an invoice only changes it for that invoice. For more information about changing payment terms, tap HERE.

  • Edit client details or invoice date as required.

6) Fill in the invoice details (description, items, discount when applicable)

Add items manually

or choose from the item template list by tapping Select.

For more information about Item Templates, tap HERE.

Note: Tap on the item to edit its details.

Also add an expense assigned to the client. For more information about on-charging expenses to clients, tap HERE.

Also request for a deposit from the client. For more information about requesting for a deposit, tap HERE.

GST will be added if it's enabled. It can still be switched off for any individual line items which don't contain GST. Tap HERE to learn more about GST.

7) Attach any files or documents relevant to the invoice

8) When the invoice is ready to be sent to the client, tap Ready to Send

9) Tap the email field to populate the client email name or edit it if required

10) Edit the subject and message if required and tap Send Now.

The invoice is sent to the client via email. If the BCC me option is ticked, you will get a copy of this invoice via email if you’re using Rounded to send your invoices. If you’re using your own Gmail account to send invoices, the BCC me option will not be available but a copy of the email will be in the Sent folder in your Gmail account.

An option to create an invoice in the main Invoice section is also available.

To send a saved invoice:

1) Go to the Invoice tab

2) Tap the draft invoice to be sent.

Note: Using the Search box at the top of the Invoice section, enter the invoice number or general description to easily look for the invoice to be sent.

3) Follow steps 5 - 9 for sending the invoice

To view invoices from a specific timeframe, tap the calendar icon

and choose the time frame to be viewed

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