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Invoice Templates on Mobile

How to create and edit invoice templates via the mobile app

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Navigate to Invoice templates page by tapping More

then Invoice templates

The first time you open the default invoice template, this screen will appear as a reminder that any customisations or data entered on the template will appear on every future invoice using that template.

After reading, tap Got it

To start, tap on the default template


  • For existing users: The default template is based on the existing invoice sent

  • For new users: The default template is mostly blank but it will contain the information you entered when signing up, e.g. the name and email address

Editing the template name

1) Tap the pencil on the Invoice template field

2) Tap Edit name

3) Enter the template name then tap Save

Adding or editing business details

1) Tap Logo and brand details to enter the business details for this invoice template

2) The business details section will appear where you can add a logo and enter more information

such as

  • Your name

  • Business name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Business number (ABN)

3) The fields can be reordered. The handle will appear when you tap the text box.

4) Tap Save once information is entered and fields are arranged accordingly

Updating the brand colour

1) Tap Brand colour to set the Headline font colour

2) Choose from the palette or enter the Hex code of your choice

3) Tap Save

Updating the font

1) Tap Choose font

2) Choose a font

3) Tap Done

Hiding and unhiding fields

1) Tap Additional fields

2) By default, all fields are hidden, tap which fields you want displayed on invoices

3) Tap Done

Add or edit payment details

1) Tap the Payment details section

2) Enter the payment details

3) Tap Done

Add or edit the footer template

1) Tap the Footer section

2) Add or edit the footer

3) Tap Done

Preview the template

Click the Preview template button

to see the version of invoice that will be created


  1. Templates can be updated by navigating back to the templates page

  2. An existing invoice can’t be use to create a new invoice template

  3. The default invoice template shares branding data with reports

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