Manually add time to a project. For example, if at a client site for a meeting and you need to track this time against the project to be billed to the client.

Note: Also track time while on-site by using the Timer on Rounded's mobile app. To
          learn more, click HERE.

We recommend setting up a project (for a client) to track time against, before starting to use the Time Tracking feature.

See Where do I create a new project for more details.

To add time manually

1) From the menu on the left, click Timer > Time Tracking. The Time tracking page displays.

2) On the Time Tracking page, click Manual entry. The Add time entry panel slides out from the right.

3) Complete the fields as below:

a. Description: Add a description of the task. For example, logo design.

b. Date: Select the date for which the time entry will be added to. This can be for the current date or any date in the past.

c. Project: Select a project to log time against.
: If the project is left blank, it can be edited at a later stage.

d. Hourly rate: This field is automatically populated when a project is selected. The manual time can be billable or non-billable.

e. Hours/Minutes: Type in the hours/minute spent on this task.

4) Click Save time entry to log time against the project. This time entry will be recorded and displayed on the Time Tracking tab.

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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