Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) works by adding an additional layer of security to your Rounded account. It requires an additional login credential, beyond just the username and password, to gain account access.

The 2nd log in credential can be created by using an authenticator app or generating a code via SMS. This article will explain the available options and how to set them up based on your preference.

Note: The 2FA can only be enabled on desktop for now.

To enable 2FA in Rounded using an authenticator app

1. Log in to Rounded and from the top menu, click the thumbnail at the top right and select Your account.

Or click Settings > Account and security

2. Under Two-factor authentication, click Use an app

3. Enter your password

4. Click Confirm

5. Using an authenticator app (At Rounded we use 1Password but there are many other compatible apps out there.), scan the QR code

6. Once Rounded is added to the authenticator app, it will generate the 6-digit code that is needed to enable 2FA in Rounded

7. You will be given recovery codes that you can and there are two ways to save it

  • Click Download to save it as a text file

  • Click Copy and paste it on a text file (or to the file format of your choosing) and save it

8. Put a tick beside I’ve safely stored my recovery codes once the codes are saved

Note: You can still see the Recovery codes by clicking View

9. Click Done

To enable 2FA in Rounded via SMS

1. Under Two-factor authentication, click Use SMS

2. Enter your mobile number

3. Click Verify

4. Enter the verification code sent to your phone

5. Click Done


  • The authenticator app and SMS can be enabled at the same time.

  • To learn more how to log in when 2FA is enabled, click HERE

  • To learn more about what to do when you’re locked out of your Rounded account, click HERE

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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