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Use PayPal to collect invoice payments

Setting up PayPal to collect invoice payments

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This allows clients to pay invoices using PayPal!

To set up the PayPal integration

1. Log in to Rounded, and from the menu on the left, click Settings

2. Choose the Payments option

3. Click Connect PayPal

If you have an existing PayPal business account, enter your PayPal business email address and click Done.


  • You can click HERE to sign up if you don't have an existing PayPal business account.

  • PayPal will require additional information about you and your business before allowing you to accept payments.

You will see that PayPal has been successfully connected to Rounded.


  • While Rounded does not charge a fee to connect or use PayPal, PayPal has its own fees and fee structure

  • PayPal is classed as a financial institution in Australia therefore, PayPal fees are classed as bank fees and not service fees where GST is not applicable

  • The fee will come out of the invoice, and Rounded will automatically create an expense record once an invoice is paid so figures balance correctly

  • At the moment, it is not possible to automatically pass a PayPal fee onto a client

  • Click HERE for more information about PayPal fees.

For more information about what clients see when they pay via PayPal, click HERE.

Prefer to use Stripe? Click HERE for instructions.

Remember to download the Rounded mobile app!

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