Use the Quotes tab to send, view and manage quotes for all your clients.

To send a quote to a client

Log in to Rounded and from the menu on the left, hover on Quotes then click All Quotes.

On the Quotes page, click New Quote.

Or use the quick link button on the dashboard

The "New Quote"  panel slides out from the right.

For existing clients

1) Click the client name the new quote is for. The Quote page is displayed.

2) Fill in the quote details, e.g. items and respective descriptions, any additional notes, etc.

Note: If the account is set up as described in HERE, the business details will be automatically populated.

3) Attach any files or documents relevant to the quote 

4) When the quote is ready to be sent, click Ready to Send. A message panel slides out from the right.

5) Type in the email, subject and message and click Send Quote. The quote is sent to the client via email. If the quote is sent via Rounded and the BCC myself option is ticked, you will get a copy of this quote via email.

Click HERE to see how to change the default email.

For new clients

Before you create a quote for a new client, you will need to add the new client's information to your account. 

1) Type in the client information as described in HERE.

2) Click Save client to add a new client. The new client details are added and you can now select this client for sending quotes to.

3) Click the client name the new quote is for. The Quote page is displayed.

Follow steps 2, 3 and 4 for creating a quote for an existing client to complete and send the quote.

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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