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Adding Surcharge to Stripe Payments [Mobile]
Adding Surcharge to Stripe Payments [Mobile]

How to add a surcharge to Stripe Payments via the mobile app

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A surcharge can be added to an invoice at the time of payment to help cover Stripe fees.

Be sure to read theCard Surcharge Rules from the ACCC and in particular this paragraph:

β€œA business is not required to impose a payment surcharge, but if it chooses to then it is only allowed to pass on to the customer the costs that the business was charged for accepting payment of that payment type.

The ban applies to all businesses, regardless of their size.”


  • You are still paying Stripe's fees. A surcharge to cover those fees is added to your invoice which is paid by your client.

  • Invoices paid via Stripe that include a surcharge cannot be reverted to a draft. This includes deposits. For projects with multiple payments we highly recommend creating multiple invoices.

The first time you use this feature, you will see this pop-up window. Tap I understand.

How to add a surcharge

The surcharge can be configured at an invoice template level as well as on each individual invoice.

  1. Navigate to the the invoice template by tapping More

    then Invoice templates
    Or open a draft invoice/create a new invoice

  2. Choose the template you wish to activate the surcharge feature for

  3. Under PAYMENT DETAILS, tap the surcharge section

  4. By default, it is set to 1.75% but it can be changed to any figure between 0.25% and 3% then tap Done

What do clients see on their invoice online?

Clients will receive a notification email which contains a link to view the invoice online. Clicking the link will open the invoice on a computer browser.

Clients will see the surcharge that will be added to the total invoice amount

Clicking the Pay with card button and a pop-up window will be displayed for clients to enter their credit card details. The total amount will include the surcharge fee

When an invoice is paid via Stripe

Once an invoice with a surcharge is paid via Stripe:

  • An income record of the total paid (including the surcharge) will be added to your Rounded account

  • The invoice will be tagged as paid

  • An expense record will be added to your Rounded account for the Stripe fee

  • The expense record will balance out the additional income generated by the surcharge and the taxable income estimate on the dashboard will also be adjusted accordingly

Have you seen Rounded on desktop? Log in via on your desktop browser to take a look!

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