If a client pays multiple invoices at once, it can be allocated to different outstanding invoices once it appears in the Bank feed.

Click Bank feeds from the menu on the left

Hover the mouse pointer to the payment to be split to multiple invoices and click Add to income

Invoices are grouped by clients, scroll to find the relevant client and associated outstanding invoices then click Pay multiple invoices…

There are several options when assigning payment to multiple invoices.

By default, the payment is applied to the first invoice/s.

Option 1. When the amount of the invoice is matched, like the first two invoices in

the screenshot, the invoices will be tagged as paid.

Option 2: Where the total of the payment is more than the total of the invoices it has

been intended for, the residual amount can be applied to any other

outstanding invoices listed for that same client. Where the residual

amount doesn't match the total of an invoice it has been applied to

the invoice will remain outstanding until the balance has been applied.

Option 3: An income record for the residual amount can be created by editing the

Amount field of the invoice to $0

Click Next…

Then click the toggle to create an income record

The Income description field can be edited

Click Done

Option 4: It can be left to be applied to a future invoice from the same client.

Click Next…

Click Done

And the symbol R will show that a remaining amount is available to be applied to other invoices

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