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To assign a bank feed credit to multiple invoices

1. Open the mobile app and log in

2. Tap More

3. Tap Bank feeds

4. Search for the income transaction by scrolling down or typing in the name of the transaction in the search bar

5. Tap or swipe the credit transaction to the left to add it

6. Invoices are grouped by clients, find the invoices where the payment will be applied to then tap Pay multiple invoices…

7. Edit the Amount to pay fields with the amount that will be applied to the invoices. The income description can also be edited

8. Tap Save

In the event that the payment is more than the total of the amount of the invoices where it’s applied, there’s an option to create an income record for it by tapping the switch beside Create income from remaining $...

Enter a detailed description in the Income description field then tap Save.

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