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How to archive/activate quotes
How to archive/activate quotes

Archiving/activating quotes

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To archive quotes

1) From the menu on the left, hover on Quotes, then click All Quotes. The Quotes page displays all quotes grouped by draft quotes, pending quotes, and accepted quotes

2) There are two ways to archive a quote

In the Quotes page, click the arrow at the end of the quote to be archived, then click Reject

Or open the quote to be archived and click Mark rejected and archive

In the Quotes page, switch from Active quotes to Archived quotes by setting the filter

Set an archived quote to active

To activate an archived quote

1) Set the filter to Archived quotes

2) There are two ways to activate a quote

Click the arrow at the end of the quote to be activated, then click Activate

Or open the archived quote and click Activate and unarchive

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