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Add a new client manually [Mobile]
Add a new client manually [Mobile]

Add client and contact information manually on the mobile app

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On desktop? Click HERE for the desktop help article.

Adding client information using the mobile app is easy.

To add a new client

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap More

3) Tap Clients

4) Tap the blue plus sign

5) Enter the client’s information

  • Business name - Type in the business name if applicable.

  • Colour - Assign a colour for the client.

  • Address - Type in a mailing address for the client. This address can be displayed on invoices and quotes.
    To learn how to display client’s business address, click HERE

  • Business number - Type in the business number (e.g. client’s ABN) if applicable.

  • Invoice currency - Select the currency to be used to bill/invoice the client in.

  • Invoicing prefix - Type in a unique prefix for your invoices. This prefix is displayed on your invoices. For example, for Client A, you could use a prefix CLA.

  • Payment terms - Set the payment terms specific to the client

  • Default hour rate - Set an hourly rate specific to the client

  • Notes - Type in notes for the client that will also appear on the invoice.
    NB: The notes section will only appear on the client’s invoices once there’s a note saved on the client card.

Click Add a contact to enter the

  • Contact name - Add a contact person to a client card.

  • Email - Type in an email. This email is used by default for invoices and quotes.

  • Phone - Type in a contact number for the client.

  • Profile pic or logo - Choose a photo or logo for your client

Note: The Invoicing prefix field is only available when the numbering system is set to
          Add client prefix. For more information about setting up client prefixes for
          invoices tap HERE.

6) Tap Save on the contact section

And Save again on the client card

You can also create a new client as part of the process of sending them an invoice or quote for the first time:

When sending a quote, on the part to choose a client, tap + New client to add a new client.

When sending an invoice, on the part to choose a client, tap + New client to add a new client.

Then follow steps 5 and 6 to complete adding a client.


  • To edit client information, tap on the client name and follow steps 5 and 6 to complete editing the client information.

  • For more information about sending a quote, tap HERE.

  • For more information about sending an invoice, tap HERE.

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