There are 2 options for how invoice numbers are created in Rounded. You can find those options by going to Settings > General settings.

Option 1 - Simple sequential

Simple sequential will create a system wide set of sequential invoice numbers irrespective of which client an invoice is created for. Each new invoice will have a number 1 greater than the previous invoice created.

The first invoice created in Rounded will have the number 00001 however the invoice number can be edited on the draft invoice to start the sequence at any number.

In the example above the invoice number has been changed to 001001. The next invoice created will be 001002.

Option 2 - Add client prefix

Add client prefix will add a prefix specific to each client. Invoice numbers will also be sequential for each client.

The client prefix field can be found in the main client record card. It's defaults to the first 3 letters of the client name but is customisable from within the client record card.

The prefix appears on the draft invoice as shown:

Choose the desired option in settings. Click SAVE to confirm the selection.

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