Sending invoices or quotes in different currencies is easy.

Click HERE to see the list of currencies you can use aside from Australian Dollars.

How to send an invoice or a quote using a different currency

1) Currency for invoices is selected on a client by client basis. Select an existing client or create a new client record by navigating to Clients > New Client 

or use the quick link on the dashboard to add a client

2) Complete the fields and select the currency to use on that client's invoices

Note: To learn more about adding a client manually, click this LINK.

3) Click Save client

All invoices and quotes will default to the currency selected in the client record

Rounded also makes it possible for international clients to pay using credit cards using Stripe. Click this LINK to learn more.

And you can see a live currency conversion on the dashboard. For example, if you send an invoice in GBP, 

Rounded will convert it to Aussie Dollars. 

Rounded uses Open Exchange Rates to estimate the corresponding AUD.  Due to banks offering different exchange rates and fees, the final $AUD amount must be added manually.

Using Bank Feeds helps as the conversion rate and $AUD equivalent will be included in the transaction description.

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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