A number of different actions can be performed from within an invoice. They vary depending on the status of the invoice.

Options for Draft Invoices

The table shows a summary of options available according to the invoice's status - Draft, Outstanding, or Paid:

  • Delete - click this to completely remove the invoice.

NB Upon clicking this option, a warning message will appear.

Clicking Delete it now will completely delete the invoice immediately. There is no

way to undo this action and the invoice can't be recovered.

  • Duplicate - click this to duplicate an invoice. A duplicated invoice can be sent to any client. Take care to update any details which may be client-specific when sending a duplicate invoice to another client.

  • Get a PDF - creates a PDF document of the invoice. Creating a PDF is the easiest way to print a hard copy, save locally to your device, or attach and send via an email address not connected to Rounded.

  • Get receipt PDF - It's also possible to create a PDF of receipts. The same principles apply here as described above in relation to options for using a PDF version of a receipt.

  • Revert to draft - clicking this will change the status of the invoice from being Outstanding/Paid back to Draft and then the invoice can be edited as needed.

Note: Reverting a paid invoice will delete any recorded payment/s. To learn more

about editing an outstanding or paid invoice, click HERE.

  • Mark as sent - change the status of the invoice from Draft to Outstanding without sending or re-sending the invoice.

  • See client view - see the version of the invoice clients will see.

The Get PDF, Duplicate, and Delete options are available on all invoices regardless of status.

The Payment received option is also available under Outstanding invoices in the main Invoice section. This option will let you record a payment against the invoice.

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