Editing and changing client files is a permission based feature. 

Your client can grant you access from the accountant settings of their account:

  • Edit access to expenses, income records and invoices

  • Access to Bank Feeds

  • Ability to change/update GST status

NB It is not possible to change any default templates, settings or subscription plans. Clients can revoke or change permissions at any time. 

Once permission has been granted, click OPEN and the client file will open in a new browser window:

If you don't see the OPEN button, permission has not yet been granted. Speak to your client.

You will notice the notification at the top of the browser showing you are accessing a client account: 

You will see the client dashboard and be able to access and change data based on the level of permission assigned to you by the client:

The client gets an email or push notification every time their account is accessed by an accountant:

Any changes made are logged and a full audit trail is created.

Once you are finished click sign out and you will return to the accountant portal

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