The recurring expenses feature is a fantastic "set and forget" time saver for all those expenses which incur a regular cost over a regular time period (e.g. rent, phone, internet).

1) To set up a recurring expense go to Expenses > Recurring expenses

2) Click New recurring expense

3) A panel slides out from the right. Fill in the expense details including amount, include GST, Start date*, cadence, category, vendor and description 

(*See ADDITIONAL NOTES below for more info on start date)

4) Click Save to set active straight away


  • Recurring expenses CAN be backdated. If you choose a start date in the past, Rounded will automatically create expense records from the start date to the current date at the cadence chosen once the recurring expense is activated.

  • Changing a recurring expense template is NOT retrospective. Any expense records already created before a change is made will not reflect that change. Any subsequent records created will reflect that change.

  • At the moment, a recurring expense cannot be linked to a bank feeds transaction. Either set up a recurring expense OR reconcile it from the bank feeds. Doing both will result in duplicate records.

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