Rounded makes sending a statement of outstanding invoices or a history of invoices and payments for a specified time period really easy.

The Statements feature can be found in the main Client section. Hover over the relevant client then click the dropdown arrow to see the Statements option.

​​Click Statements to access the feature for that client.

The default view is a statement of any outstanding invoices.

Use the drop down box to access invoice and payment history.

The date range can be changed to create a statement for any time period required. 

The payment history will show an opening balance for the selected time frame along with all invoices issued and all payments made.

The balance displayed is a total of anything outstanding for the period shown.

NB Any payments made after the end of the time period shown will not be reflected in the balance.

Statements can be shared with a client by creating a PDF and sending via your own email or by sending via the system in the same way an invoice or quote can be sent. 

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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