Rounded makes sharing data with your accountant or bookkeeper really easy and secure. The permission settings mean you can assign the level of access you are comfortable with.

Who can I give access to?
Invite and give access to anyone you choose. Invites can be cancelled and access revoked at any time.

Can I give access to more than one person?
Yes you can invite as many people as you like.

What are the levels of access I can grant?

Choose to allow the following levels of access from the Accountant access section of Settings:

  • Read Only

  • Edit access to expenses, income records and invoices

  • Access to Bank Feeds

  • Ability to change/update GST status

Permissions can be changed or revoked at any time.

Your accountant will have access to your income and expense reports along with your P&L report with any level of permission granted.

They will also be able to see receipts/files attached to expense records and any invoices associated with income records.

Can my accountant make any changes to my data?
Yes if you assign a level of permission which allows this. Every time someone accesses your account via a Rounded accountant portal you will be notified by email or push notification.

How long does it take for changes I make in my account to be visible to my accountant?
All data is shared in real-time. As soon as you make any additions or changes to your data your accountant will see it. 

How can I be sure it's my accountant viewing my data?
When you invite your accountant to access your Rounded data the invitation goes to an email address you choose. That email address must be verified by the accountant before they gain access.

Click HERE for a simple guide to sharing your data with your accountant.

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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