There are options/quick links made available from within an invoice. They vary depending on the status of the invoice.

Options for Draft Invoices

The table shows a summary of options available according to the invoice's status - Draft, Outstanding, or Paid:

  • Accept credit cards - if you want to offer your clients a way to pay you online using their credit cards, click this to set that up via Stripe. To learn how to integrate Stripe with your Rounded account, click HERE.
  • Delete - if you want to completely remove the invoice. NB Upon clicking this option, it will not have any warning message and will completely delete the invoice right away.
  • Duplicate - click this if you wish to duplicate an invoice to the same client. It will save you time as you will only have to change a few details before sending it to your client.
  • Get a PDF - Create a PDF document of the invoice. this is also the best way to be able to print off a hard copy of the invoice. You can also create a PDF to send via your own email instead of via the Rounded system.
  • Get receipt PDF - See point above - The same principle for receipts.
  • Revert to draft - clicking this will change the status of the invoice from being Outstanding/Paid back to Draft and then you can edit the invoice as needed.
         Note: Reverting a paid invoice will delete any recorded payment. To learn more                about editing an outstanding or paid invoice, click HERE.
  • Mark as sent - Useful if you want to change the status of the invoice from Draft to Outstanding without sending or re-sending to your client.
  • See client view - see the version of the invoice your client will see.

The Get pdf, Duplicate, and Delete options are available on all invoices regardless of status.

The Payment received option is also available under Outstanding invoices in the main Invoice section.

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