You can edit sent invoices or invoices which have already been marked as paid.

To edit outstanding invoices

1) Open the relevant outstanding invoice in the main Invoice section.

2) Click Options then Revert to draft

You will be prompted if you want to continue, click Yep, make it a draft

3) Make the necessary change/correction

4) Click Options then Mark as sent if you do not want to send the invoice to your client again

To send to your client again, click Ready to send

If you sent the invoice to your client using the online link , there's no need to send the invoice to your client again. The client will see the updated version when they click the link. PDF invoices won't be automatically updated so will have to be resent for the client to see any amendments.

To edit paid invoices

Note: Reverting a paid invoice will delete any recorded payment. 

Follow the same steps as editing an outstanding invoice.

After marking as sent, click Record a payment

To add back the deleted recorded payment.

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