You can create item templates to choose from for invoices on the mobile app.

Item templates are pre-defined line items which can be easily added to an invoice in a couple of clicks.

They are a great time saver if you regularly bill clients for the same kind of products or services.

To add line items

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap More

3) Tap Item templates

4) Tap the blue plus sign to add a new item

5) Fill in the description and price and set the unit type (Unit/Hour/Day)

Note: Tap HERE if you are registered for GST. You can choose to include GST for each item template as required.

6) Tap Save


  • Line item templates are only available for clients you are billing in Australian $.
  • You can also edit a line item by tapping on the item you want to update.

To add item templates to the invoice

1) Create or open an invoice in the Invoice tab

2) Tap Select

3) Tap the item/s to be added

For more information about sending an invoice, tap HERE.

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