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Account settings is the section to update the email address used to log in to Rounded, change the account photo or account password, or sign out of Rounded.

There are three ways to access account settings on the mobile app

  • Tap the account photo on the Dashboard section

  • Tap More > Account setting icon

  • Tap More > Your account.

Manage your account settings

Tap the account photo

To update the email address and profile picture

1) Tap Your account email

2) Edit the Account email

3) Enter the account password

4) Tap Save

To update the profile picture

1. Tap the profile photo

2. There are three options:

  • Take a Photo or Video

  • grab a photo from the Photo Library

  • choose a file by tapping Browse

3. Choose the photo then click Done

4. The new profile photo will be displayed

To change the account password

1) Tap Change your password

2) Enter the Old password then create a New Password, which should be at least 8 characters

3) Tap Save

Tap Sign out to sign out of Rounded.

Have you seen Rounded on desktop? Log in via app.rounded.io on your desktop browser to take a look!

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