Adding or changing a logo can be done in a couple of clicks from either a draft invoice or a draft quote. 

Adding or changing a logo only has to be done ONCE and will then populate to ALL future invoices and quotes created.

Adding a logo for the first time

1) Click New invoice/quote and choose a client.

2) Click Upload your logo and a window will open so you can choose a file from the computer or cloud storage.

3) Choose the relevant file to upload.

Note: The preferred dimension for a logo is 250px (width) by 90px (height). If the logo size is bigger, then it will be resized to this

4) The logo will now show on the invoice or quote and ALL future invoices and quotes created.

Removing or changing a logo

To change a logo the existing logo should be removed. Like adding a logo for the first time any change made in either a draft invoice OR a draft quote is universal and only has to be made once. 

All future invoices or quotes will reflect the change.

1) Open up a new or existing draft invoice or quote and hover the cursor over the logo. An X icon will appear as shown.

2) Click the X icon to remove the existing logo.

3) Follow steps 2-4 as described in the previous section to add a new logo.

Don't forget that any changes made to logos are universal and will be reflected in all future quotes and invoices.

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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