Using the CSV import method can save a lot of time by adding multiple clients to your Rounded account in one go.

To import client data from a CSV file

1. Click Clients from the menu on the left side

2. Click Import from CSV

3. Download the sample by clicking the link Download the CSV template

Or click this LINK to download a sample CSV template for importing clients

4. Copy/paste the clients’ details from your own spreadsheet to the sample file.

NB When copying from your own spreadsheet choose the option "Paste Value Only" when pasting into the template CSV. This will remove invalid characters.

5. Save the updated sample files that now contain your data.

6. Attach the updated file by clicking Select file...

7. Click Import CSV


  • A contact name cannot be left blank if an email or phone number is entered in the Client contacts section

  • The Business name is an optional field. If the client is an individual, best to enter the Contact name instead

  • Manually importing data can be tricky and any number of things might cause an import to fail. If you try and don't succeed, please get in touch with us via in-app chat. We're happy to help with formatting your data and getting it into Rounded.

  • To learn more about importing from Freshbooks, click HERE.

  • To learn more about importing clients from Xero, click HERE.

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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