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It's easy and secure to share your Rounded data with your accountant. The permission options will enable you to give your accountant or bookkeeper the exact level of access you are comfortable with. Access can be revoked or changed at any time.

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap the Settings icon

3) Scroll down then tap Add an accountant

4) Fill in the Accountant email then choose the level of permission you are comfortable with:

  • Read Only
  • Edit access to expenses, income records and invoices
  • Access to Bank Feeds
  • Ability to change/update GST status

5) Tap Invite

Your accountant will receive a personalised email invite from you with a link to access your data. You can invite multiple people to have access to your account if required.

Managing Access

On the Accountant access section

Swipe left to cancel an invitation that hasn't been accepted yet.

Swipe left to revoke access or edit permissions.

You can cancel an invitation, revoke access or change permissions at any time. Regardless of the level of access you allow an accountant, they will not be able to change or alter your subscription, account or business settings when given access using this method.

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