The payment terms setting determines the due date of your invoice based on the date it is created. 

There are two ways to change payment terms on the mobile app:

  • In the settings section
  • As part of the process of sending an invoice

Change payment terms in Settings

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap the settings icon

3) Tap Default payment terms

4) Enter desired payment term

5) Tap Save

Note: Any changes made to the payment terms in settings are universal and will be reflected in all future invoices.

Edit payment terms as part of the process of sending an invoice

1) In the client section of the invoice, tap the drop down arrow

2) Tap Payment terms

3) Choose the desired payment term

Note: Any change made to the payment term inside an invoice is for that invoice ONLY. 

Payment terms for all other invoices will continue to be as defined in the main settings section.

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