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Recurring expenses are a fantastic "set and forget" time saver for all those expenses which are the same cost at a regular cadence (e.g. rent, phone, internet).

Setting up recurring expenses

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap More

3) Tap Recurring Expenses

4) Tap the blue plus icon

5) Fill in the expense details

  • Amount
  • Include GST
  • Start Date
  • Repeat
  • Category - tap HERE to learn more about managing expense categories
  • Vendor - tap HERE to learn more about managing expense vendors
  • Description
  • Active - tap the switch to set the recurring expense active 

GST will be included if it's enabled. To learn more about enabling GST, click HERE.

6) Tap Save

Note: Recurring expenses can be backdated. If you choose a start date in the past,
          Rounded will automatically create expense records from the start date to the
          current date at the cadence chosen once the recurring expense is activated.

          Changing a recurring expense template is not retrospective. Any expense
          records already created before a change is made will not reflect that change.
          Any subsequent records created will reflect that change.

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