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Once a client has paid an invoice you may need to send them a receipt to formally acknowledge the payment.

A receipt can only be generated for an invoice which has been marked as fully paid.

1) Go to the Invoices tab, scroll down until you reach the Paid section, and tap the relevant invoice you want to send a receipt for.

2) You will need to record a payment if the client paid via direct deposit or EFT. For more information about recording a payment, tap HERE.

Note: If an invoice has been paid via Stripe, using a credit card, it will have been marked as paid automatically. To learn more, tap HERE.

3) Once an invoice is marked as Paid, open it and tap Send receipt

4) Edit the email if required. Tap Send now to send the receipt.

The client will receive an email with a PDF attached which will show the following information:

  • Confirmation that the document is a receipt
  • Confirmation the balance remaining is $0
  • Confirmation of the date the invoice was paid

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