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Automated reminders for overdue invoices
Automated reminders for overdue invoices

Setting up automated overdue invoice reminders

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Automated reminders for overdue invoices can be set when the invoice is still in draft or when it is sent or marked as sent. Four automated reminders can be sent per invoice.


  • If the automated reminder for an invoice is activated, make sure it is marked as paid if the money is received before the due date, or the automated reminder will still be sent to the client.

  • If payment is accepted via Stripe or PayPal, Rounded will automatically mark the invoice as paid when the payment is received, and the automatic reminder will be deactivated.


If you are new to Rounded, the default setting for automated reminders is inactive.

Automated reminders can be activated when an invoice is in a draft state, after it has been sent to a client, marked as sent, and up to 28 days after the due date.

1) Create a new invoice

Or open an existing draft or outstanding invoice

2) The Auto reminder option is on the right

Note: For more information about editing the email template for the automated reminder, click HERE.

3) Click on the area, and the reminder modal will be displayed. Click the switch to enable the auto reminder

4. Click Add reminder to send more reminders

And choose how many days

Note: You can send up to 4 reminders. The number of days set will be relative to the due date.

Once enabled, the date it will be sent will appear under Timeline

Note: The reminder is sent at 7 am AEST on the day it is set to be sent.

Once the reminder is sent, the confirmation will be displayed under Timeline

As well as on the Invoice reminders modal


  • Rounded will remember automated reminder settings on a client-by-client basis.

  • If the auto reminder is activated, it will be activated by default for all future invoices sent to that client.

  • Auto reminders can be turned off at any time.

  • An option to manually send reminders to clients for overdue invoices is also available. Click HERE to learn more.

Remember to download the Rounded mobile app!

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