You can send an automated email to clients about overdue invoices. Only ONE (1) automatic reminder is sent per overdue invoice.

The reminder is sent within 24 hours of the invoice becoming overdue.

Important: If the automated reminder for an invoice is activated, make sure it is marked as paid if the money is received before the due date or the automated reminder will still be sent to the client.

NB If payment via Stripe is accepted, Rounded will automatically mark the invoice as paid when the payment is received and the automatic reminder will not be sent.

Set Up

Automated reminders are managed on an invoice by invoice basis. The default setting for automated reminders is inactive.

Automated reminders can be activated when the invoice is in a draft state, after an invoice has been sent to a client/marked as sent but not after an invoice has become overdue.

1) Create a new invoice

Or open an existing draft or outstanding invoice

2) The Auto reminder option is on the right.

For more information about editing the email template for the automated reminder, click HERE.

3) Click the button to activate the reminder

Once enabled, the date it will be sent will appear under Timeline

Once the reminder is sent, the confirmation will be displayed on the right side of the invoice under Timeline


  • Rounded will remember automated reminder settings on a client by client basis.

  • The automated reminder can only be activated via desktop.

  • If the auto reminder is activated, it will be activated by default for all future invoices sent to that client.

  • Auto reminders can be disabled at any time.

  • An option to manually send reminders to clients for overdue invoices is also available. Click HERE to learn more.

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