For information on how to connect bank accounts, see the article How do I connect a bank account?.

Single or multiple transactions can be added as expenses as required.

To add a single expense transaction

1. Go to the bank feeds by clicking Bank feeds on the menu on the left

2. Hover the mouse pointer on the transaction to be added to Rounded and click Add to expenses

3. This creates an expense record. If required assign an expense category

and vendor

4. The transaction description from bank feeds will automatically be included in the expense record but can be edited as required. The description of the transaction in the bank feeds will not be modified, only the description of the expense record.

5. Click Done.

To add multiple expense records

1. In the bank feeds section, use the check box to select the transactions you wish to add

OR click the Debits link to tag all debits displayed on the page

2. Then at the top, click Add to expenses. This creates an expense record for each bank feed transaction.

3. When batch reconciling debits, it's best to choose related transactions so a relevant category and/or vendor can be applied to each expense record at the same time

4. By default the existing transaction description from the bank feed will be included for each expense record created.

The transaction description can also be edited and applied to all expense records created.

5. Click Done.

Additionally, the filter options enable to filter bank transactions by:

Account type

transaction type

or time frame

Use the keyword search function to identify specific records:


  • If an expense record has previously been added via the main expense section, also doing so from bank feeds will create a duplicate record.

  • For more information on adding income via bank feeds, click HERE.

  • For more information on adding income on the Income page, click HERE.

  • For more information on adding expenses on the Expense page, click HERE.

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