1) Go to the registration page and create your user name and password:

2) Once you've registered, verify your email address:

3) Go to Settings and enter your business details:

4) Invite your clients into Rounded: (NB if your client is an existing Rounded user, make sure to send the invite to the email address they are already using for their Rounded Account.)

5) Easily switch between your clients and have real-time, read-only access to their data. You'll also be able to use the date filter to toggle between data in different timeframes and then export that data to CSV if required:

When downloading a CSV, you can choose between downloading category totals only OR category totals AND individual transactions.

6) You can also see receipts associated with expense payments and invoices associated with income records

7) You can also see expense records where your clients have selected claimable business percentage

What if I am invited into Rounded by my client?

Click HERE for more information about what happens if you are invited by your client. After receiving the invite steps 2-5 as described above will be exactly the same.

Don't forget to download the Rounded mobile app!

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