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Rounded gives you the option to display a name and a business name separately on invoices.

It's also possible to display only a business name on invoices/quotes

          Note: Any changes will show on ALL future invoices and quotes.
                    Changes are not retrospective so the name and business name on any
                    existing quotes or invoices will remain unchanged.

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap your account photo

3) Tap Email and profile picture

4) Replace your name in the the Your name field

with your business name

5) Tap Save

Note: To avoid displaying your business name twice in an invoice/quote, the business name field in the Business details section will also need to be removed.

6) Tap Back to go back to the User account section

7) Tap Back to go back to your Dashboard

8) Tap the Settings icon

9) Tap Business details

10) Delete your business name from the Business name field

it should be clear of any text

11) Tap Save

Have you seen Rounded on desktop? Log in to www.rounded.com.au on your desktop browser to take a look!

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