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It's easy to add and manage bank accounts and credit cards associated with your account on the mobile app.

If you have multiple accounts with your bank, you can specify what accounts you want connected with Rounded. This will ensure that you only see transactions relevant to your business.

To manage currently connected bank accounts

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap More

3) Tap Bank feeds

4) Tap the Settings icon

5) Tap the name of your bank or the name of the bank you want to manage (if there's more than one)

6) Toggle the switch beside the account you want to associate with your Rounded account

Note: By default, all associated accounts are displayed

7) Tap Done to save your changes

To filter the bank feeds by credit/debit transactions

1) In the bank feeds section, tap the filter icon

2) Tap Credit transactions or Debit transactions depending on what transaction you want to view

To filter the bank feeds by account type

1) In the bank feeds section, tap the card icon

2) Tap the account you want to display

Note: The selection will depend on what account you set (as described in the first section of this article)


  • Bank feeds refreshes once a day.
  • When choosing/updating what bank accounts you want to display in your Rounded account, make sure that you are not logged in to your internet banking. If you are, log out and close the browser you used to log in.
  • You can also manually refresh your bank feeds when needed. Tap HERE to learn more.

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