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The Bank Feeds feature enables you to connect bank account(s) or credit card(s) to your Rounded account, so you can see all of your transactions within the Rounded app.

Bank feeds automatically refreshes overnight (once every 24 hours). There's also an option to manually refresh it.

To manually refresh bank feeds

Note: When refreshing your bank feeds, make sure that you are not logged in to your internet banking. If you are, log out and close the browser you used to log in.

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap More

3) Tap Bank feeds

4) Tap the dropdown arrow just below the search bar

5) Tap Update

Note: It may take a few minutes for the refresh to complete

Once successfully refreshed, the status will be updated:

If you see an error notification, it could be for a number of reasons:

Error: There was a problem updating your account

Tap Retry when this happens or wait for some more minutes before trying again.

Error: Enter your credentials again

Tap the arrow to enter your internet banking's username and password. Be sure to type your banking credentials and not copy/paste.

Error: Additional info required

When your account has multi-factor authentication* enabled, tapping Update will automatically take you to the screen where you need to enter your multi-factor key or token (in the same way when logging in directly to internet banking). If MFA is enabled on internet banking it will need to be used in the same way when logging in to bank feeds via in Rounded. You can re-enter the key by tapping the arrow.

Note: If the second attempt fails, contact support via the in-app chat or email hello@rounded.com.au.

*Multi-factor authentication is also known as MFA or 2FA

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