You can add an income for non invoiced income  easily.

Add income (non invoiced)

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap More

3) Tap Income

4) Tap the blue plus sign

5) Fill in the income details

  • Amount
  • Include GST
  • Date
  • For Invoice
  • Category - tap HERE to learn more about managing income categories
  • Description

GST will be included if it's enabled. GST can still be disabled as required for a specific item on an invoice. To learn more about enabling GST, tap HERE.

And you can also attach a file related to the income added.

You can Take a Photo or Video, or grab a photo from your Photo Library, or choose a file by tapping Browse

Photos are displayed while documents (e.g. Word, PDF) are displayed with its corresponding filename.

5) Tap Save

Note: You can also manually record a payment for an invoice or a non-invoice income.
           Tap HERE to learn more.

           You can also import your income data from a CSV file. Tap HERE to learn more.

To view income for a particular time frame, tap the calendar icon on the Income section.

and choose the time frame you want to view

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