You can change the font or heading colour of your invoice or quote on the mobile app.

Any changes made to the font, heading colour, and logo are universal and will be reflected in all future quotes and invoices.

Customising an invoice or a quote

1) Open the mobile app and log in

2) Tap the Settings icon

3) Tap Customise your invoice

To change the font:

1) Tap Choose a font

2) Choose a font and tap Done

To change the brand colour

In the Customise your invoice section

1) Tap Your brand colour

2) Choose your brand colour and tap Done

    You can also enter a custom color by entering its hex color code and tap Done.

The changes will now show on your existing draft invoices and quotes. The changes will also reflect on ALL future invoices and quotes created. However, it will not show on past invoices and quotes, i.e. invoices or quotes sent before the change.

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