Recurring invoices are a great way to automate sending regular invoices to clients.

1) To set up a recurring invoice go to Invoices > Recurring invoices.

2) Select New Recurring Invoice.

3) A draft invoice appears. Complete as normal. 

4) Choose the Schedule & recipients of your recurring invoices.

A panel will slide out from the right for you to choose the start date, recipients (clients), cadence and payment terms (days):

NB Payment terms (days) for recurring invoices are separate from the payment terms for normal invoices.

5) Click Add a schedule to send the same recurring invoice (separately) to different clients. 

A really useful feature if you provide the same service to multiple clients as you can use the same template for all of them.

6) Click SAVE to confirm your choices.

7) Click Set email template to adjust the default message which accompanies each invoice.

8) A panel will slide out from the right hand side. The default message will be the same as the default message for one-off invoices. 

Changes can be made to the message for each recurring invoice template without changing the default message for any other invoices.

Click SAVE to confirm changes.

NB This will NOT activate the recurring invoice.

9) Click Activate to activate the recurring invoice.

NB If the start date chosen is the same as the date of creation the first invoice will be sent immediately. All future invoices will be sent at 7.00 am AEST.

10) To pause or stop a recurring invoice go to the main Recurring Invoices section Invoices > Recurring Invoices and click into the required template.

11) Click Pause to stop the sending of invoices. Any changes made to the invoice, schedule or email template will be reflected on the next occurrence of the invoice.

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